I have always loved performing live.  My first experience with a live dance party was at the 4th of July Celebration in my home town.  I provided the music after the fireworks.  There were so many people having a wonderful time I got lost in the fun.  At the end of the show, 2 girls were waiting for me and wanted my autograph.  They wanted more but unfortunately, I was only 14 at the time.

However from that moment on, I knew my destiny!  Since then, I have worked at numerous night clubs (even before I was old enough to legally get in - I remember clubs having to get special work permits and provide a chaperone!). For those who live in the Albany Area, You may remember me best from Bananas Night Club ( or at least heard of it).  I also do about 75 private parties a year from weddings and barmitzvahs to Christmas parties and more ( I even did a swing club once - one day I will write a book on my experiences!).  I donít just provide music anymore but I do my best to entertain with dances, costumes and jokes.  I now have a kareoke system that I put to use as well.  I want it to be an experience that all, both young and old, can enjoy.  I love to work a crowd!  I will attempt to take pictures of all the dances I do from now on ( sometimes it is not possible ) and post them here.   I look forward to partying with you!   Kurt



Kurt Baker

(229) 888-3858

Cell : (229) 395-9993

I  perform at private parties and clubs. I have all of the equipment needed to provide the music for a small venue as well as large auditoriums or gymnasiums. I play whatever kind of music you desire. I keep the top hits of all formats both current and past! I can bring a unique experience to your next gathering whether its a small wedding or a large catered affair. How about your next family get together? For the details on making your event truly special, call me to leave a message. References are available on request!

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