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I was born in Lynn, Indiana and lived there until I was in the third grade. My family moved to Wabash, Indiana in 1967 where they reside to this day. 

I first got interested in radio when a friend was hired to do a show in the afternoon on WKUZ FM in Wabash, Indiana. He was really popular with the girls. Now I was known as a class clown but when it came to girls, well, to say I was shy is being kind. As a Freshman in HS, I decided this was what I wanted to do. So bad in fact, I called the General Manager every day for 3 months! Finally, he gave me a chance ( I am sure it was because he could get me off his back) at being a sports announcer. He had an opening for someone to do the little league baseball games each night. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. 

I had no experience in radio and had a high pitched voice ( it did not change until my junior year!). But I was a baseball fan and it was a job in radio. So I practiced in front of a mirror for two weeks until the first game. I was a natural born speaker and had won many awards in speech and had done some acting, but I would imitate the announcers for the Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds. 

Kurt at B100
I never reached their level but I did well enough to keep the advertisers and my boss happy. When my friend quit his job. I was offered his afternoon slot. WKUZ FM was a rock station, ok we call it classic rock today, but it was current then (am I giving away my age?)! I took it from there. I practiced at home late at night and tried to put it to use every day. I was hired by a radio station in a town about the size of Albany, Ga called Marion, Indiana. WBAT AM was an elevator music station and I worked 12a to 6a. I learned the classics there! The highlight of my day was when I played the Mills Brothers Truck Stop. Yeah, it was hard to stay awake many nights! I was also trained as a newsman and a farm markets editor. A friend of mine introduced me to a guy from Chicago who seemed to like what I was doing. He offered me a chance to apprentice at the biggest station in the market. I worked the morning newscasts and was a DJ from 10p to 2a. What a hoot!

That was many years ago and in the interim I have worked at stations from New York to LA and just about every format from oldies to country. I even did an all night truckers show!

My life in show business has been quite exciting.  I have met so many famous people and have had a lot of fun.  I have survived two serious auto accidents and near death experiences (the first was when I was 16 and was pronounced dead!!). I was once told I would never walk again and confined to a wheelchair for two years.  I underwent nearly 10 years of surgeries.    I guess that is where I get my sense of humor. Without it and many good freinds, I would not be here!

My recent surgery to replace a bad hip (read about the accidents was the last (we hope) and the end to many years of pain.  For the first time since I was 16,  I can do things so many take for granted.  When I say I actually feel better than when I was 17 and DO know what I know now, I mean it!  One day, maybe I will write about those experiences and my bout with years of depression.  But for now, it seems like a lifetime ago!

I have now settled in Albany, Ga. I now work as a manager for WWVO Gospel Radio (Soon to be WWQA - NewLifeF)M, do voice work for radio and tv and still do private parties. My life is a joy and I feel so blessed!

I make many public appearances and do many live shows ( see Parties ) .  I love to meet people and look forward to maybe one day meeting you!


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