(Note: I have attempted to answer the countless phone calls and emails I have received my about weight loss and Colagel. Keep checking back for updates. If you want to talk, are looking for support or where you can find information just email me at kurt@kurtbaker.com .. I do answer all email. Just give me a day or two. If you don't hear back, don't be offended. I either did not get it or was deleted by my junk mail filter (most likely it is me getting happy with the delete key-sigh).

It is difficult for me to talk about somethinng so personal. But with the help of many listeners who have a kind word, my coworkers, two very close friends who watch over me very closely and my daughter who gives me purpose I have succeeded beyond my exptectations. Without them nothing would be possible, The Good Lord has truly blessed me! Thanks to all!)

Kurt's Weight Loss

I am sure that my story is similar to so many. I woke up one morning and had discovered that I had been touched by the weight fairy! Ok, I can blame it on years of neglect and make all of the excuses I want about having taken time off to raise a daughter as a single parent, not having time, etc. But the fact remained, I WAS overweight!

I was suffering from blood pressure spikes which came apparent during a lot of physical activity (I will not go into graphic detail...lol..details are available on the net at most health sites), my busted up hips and legs just couldn’t take the weight and was embarrassed to be seen in public (not good for a public figure!). Now, here was my dilemma. My daughter about 3 weeks before Memorial day decided we were going to the theme parks on our vacation. That involves lots of walking! I was dating again. I love to dance and do many social things. I had a choice: either get involved or sit by on the sidelines in my despair.

Basic problem solving entails 90% identifying the problem and the other 10% taking action to correct it. Not being a sideline kind of guy, I set out to identify my problem as to why I was overweight. After all, I had the internet for information and countless sources at my fingertips to help.

It did not take a rocket scientist to realize that: I was inactive due to hectic schedules at the station and at home. I was dating someone, a self proclaimed nutritionist (we all have those in our lives- you know the one....that guy or gal who has "studied nutrition and knows what is best." Moms can be the worst) who would not eat until 10 or 11 at night (and then not that healthily!). I was terrible about it anyway with late night snacks, etc. . I would not eat many times during the day, then stuff myself before I went to bed. My self proclaimed nutrionist had convinced me that I needed to eat 3 meals a day and so I was not only stuffing myself at night, but all day! Ok, you should eat 3 or 5 times a day, but not that much for goodnes sakes! In two months, I put on nearly 25 pounds! In addition, I am hypoglycemic (suffer from low blood sugar) which meant strict sugar free diets were out.

Ok, lots of troubles! My purpose here is not to embarass or single out anyone. I just want to show you how easy it is to get into many bad and unhealthy habits. I can make all of the excuses I want. However, there is only one factor to blame, ME! . I bear the responsibility. It was time to take control!

First, I had visited my doctor and knew there were no physical problems (other than sleep deprivation and my weight). This is very important before starting any exercise program or diet. He told me I needed to eat better, walk and get plenty of sleep.....sigh. Together we worked out a plan. Note: The doctor told me that in my current condition and the weakening of my heart due to the lack of excercise and obesity (ok, I can say it now - fat) I MIGHT live to see 60. What an eye opener! My child would be in her 20's and I want to be around for awile to let her take care of me. Besides, I owe money to just about everyone. I would hate to disappoint them.

I was determined. The day after Mother's Day when I returned from the doctor, I booked the reservations for my daughter and I at Universal Studios (is that blind belief or what?) so that I HAD to get into shape. I had 6 weeks, it was time to get to work.

I can not speak for anyone else, but the thought of strict diets and working out endlessly in the gym is not appealing. Besides, that takes effort and a lot more discipline than I have. Doing laps at the Y is boring. Walking outside is either too hot or too wet. The answer, walk at the Mall. It is ironic that 23 years ago, I was on the Albany Mall Merchants Committee that voted to open the mall early and let people walk even though I had never used it! It is inside, there are always great sights to keep things interesting and I get to see folks that I don’t normally see.

I also enrolled in dance classes....what a fun way to get excercise!

To take care of the sugar problem, I drink lots of water. But I drink sweet tea to keep the sugar level up. I also eat lots of fruits for the natural sweetness. I use them for snacks as well as a full meal.

Next I cut out the late night stuff. It was not easy as I was in the habit of eating that bag of popcorn (the whole bag!) while I watched tv or worked at my computer. Friends that would come to visit, I would fix meals and snacks while we sat around and played cards or watched a movie. I just slowly cut down and soon, it was easy to say I don't need this. I still fix the friends what they want or we try new things. But moderation is the key!

Now the one thing I have found is that there is an abundance of information and advice available. The worst is friends who know everything! Golly, it can be confusing. The best suggestion and a recurring theme from the internet and my doctor was to ease into what ever you do and not to expect too much too soon. Take your time and set goals. Take each problem you have identified and solve them one by one. But gradually decrease portions and snacks (ie: instead of eating the whole bag of chips, just a few). You will find it easier to say no as you go.

So it was time to start walking. I was determined that I would be able to keep up with my daughter and we were going to have a ball at Universal Studios, Wild Adventures, Seaworld and the other parks she wanted to go to. Besides, after having experienced several dizzy spells at some private shows I had done, several station promotions and during several dates, I was scared and had to do something.

The first hurdle I had to get over was this doing this in public. I am a very private person and as I said earlier, I was embarrassed. But I justified it in several ways. I had undergone two significant weight losses in my life. Being a public figure, rumors always abounded about my health from physical problems to having AIDS (I have neither) so doing it publicly would dispel the possibility of that. Besides, if by some chance I inspired one person to take their problem under control I had fulfilled one of my purposes for being a public figure in he first place. And finally, if it came down to it, I could always just say I was shopping!

I also started the Slim Fast Diet. It was easy and simple and knew several people (my mother) that had done it. I also took steps to eat sensibly. I cut out the late night stuff and found that is not so much watching WHAT you eat, but how MUCH! I eat several times a day, but smaller portions. I also found that for me attitude is everything. When I get depressed or “down”, I put on weight. So knowing how to laugh has helped a lot! Note: I did not stay on it for long. However, I still supplement my diet with one now and then if I am in a hurry.

It was the week before Mother’s Day and on my lunch hour, I went to the mall. I did one lap and I know half way through I had to wonder what I was thinking! I stopped many times to catch my breath and rest my legs. It took nearly 30 minutes to get around the one time! Note: one lap around the mall is 3/4 a mile if you follow the pattern on the carpet. Thank goodness for Victoria’s Secret! When ever I get tired, I just tell myself that the store is just ahead and I can look!

But I survived and I was determined. I walked every other day for the first week and got pretty good at it. So the next week, I did 4 days. Then it happened...

It was our CMN radiothon. As a part, had agreed to do the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon (something I had avoided for many years because I did not want to be seen, let alone see myself. I had agreed at a weak moment and believe me, I tried my best to get out of it! But it is such a great cause and I had given my word. So I swallowed my pride and did my best. Thanks to you, we had the best year ever and a lot of kids are going to benefit. Anyway, as I stood there on the many times we were on the air, I did my best to stay in the background. But Ruthie and the crew, bless their hearts, always somehow managed to come over and talk to me. This meant that I had to see me (more importantly, my stomach...lol) in the monitors. I have never been more self conscious in my life. All of the fat jokes I ever told came back to haunt me! I could not believe what I was seeing! So now, I HAD to do something!

That was what I needed to seal my determination. The next week, I walked every day. Every other day, I would add a lap. Before I knew it, I was doing 4 miles every day on my lunch hour and 9 min. miles! The added benefit, I was losing pounds and have more energy than I ever remember having! No more dizzy spells! I am still dating and well, discretion is the better part of valor....... It is wonderful!

No, I don’t count calories and fat grams like maybe I should. But I do at least pay attention and try to adjust my intake. I don’t eat any special foods nor do I deny myself any foods. I eat a lot of fruits and salads in between meals and avoid an excessive amount of breads and potatoes. So far it has worked and I am keeping the weight off. I have my days when I splurge (weekends mainly) and enjoy. I don’t feel guilty and if I do gain anything, it comes off easily.

One note of warning. Be prepared to take some flak from those who do not understand. Remember, most advice given by friends and loved ones is well meant. Folks don't like to eat alone. I have that all of the time at sponsored functions, dinner with friends, etc. Just be firm but polite. Stick to your goals and the eating program you have set for yourself. I used to get a lot of flak about walking. But now everyone knows that from 12 to 1, that is where you will find me. And they respect that. Periodically, I have to adjust and go at different times, but I stick to it. The same goes for my eating habits. I quit eating at 8 pm. Period. Remember, if you lose a friend or lover due to you trying to be healthy, they weren't much of a friend to begin with. This is not about them (even though some will even try to make you feel guilty). It is about you and your health.

I have recently received emails wanting to know sources of information. I have found the best help on http://WebMD.com . There is a section for men and women and some great information about fast foods (not all fast foods are bad for you). Dr. Phil has a great book out with helpful exerpts published on the net. Do a google.com search. Find the plan you can live with. The more YOU know, the better off you will be.

Now, as for Colagel. They approached me in Mid May to be a spokesperson and take their product. I am sure that you are thinking that I jumped at the prospect of making money. Not so. I refuse to put my name on any product unless I really believe in it. We negotiated a deal that I would not endorse it until after I was convinced. I tried it and started taking it. about mid June. By that time, I had lost a significant amount of weight and thought we could get a good read on whether it works or not. Since then, with it’s help I have lost about another 25 pounds.

I get a lot of questions about whether it works or not. Is it the product, the fact I am eating sensibly, exercising or all three. The answer is all three. I don’t notice so much weight loss anymore as I do inches. Most of the flab that was left after the weight loss is disappearing and I credit Colagel with most of that.

Over the years I have been asked to endorse many diets and refused (some were not healthy and caused health damage) Colagel is no magic bullet by any means nor does it claim to be. It does work as advertised (justbeforebed.com) and I am proud to continue my relationship with them.

Whether or not it is worth the price is up to you. Find what works for YOU but take the steps you need to lead a healthier and happier life. To me, if one bottle puts you on the road to recovery then it is money well spent. But that is me. Just remember, ease into whatever you do and don’t expect too much. I never realized that I could lose so much weight and have gone way beyond any expectations. I have met some wonderful folks along the way as I was walking and have had lots of fun. Learn to laugh along the way. A smile goes a long way in helping you in your quest to lose weight! Good luck!

Note: Our trip to Orlando was a success! I had fun! On a recent trip to Wild Adventures, my daughter and 6 of her friends celebrated her birthday. I won't say I outdid them, but they all slept on the way home. I put them to bed, fixed myself up and went out for the evening!


As of this writing, I have lost nearly 75 poundsand nearly 22 inches off my waist. It is still coming off and will keep you posted! If you are trying to lose weight, don’t be discouraged! Keep plugging away! If something does not work, try something else. Eventually you will find the formula that is best for YOU!